Ooh My Soul! They’re Back

•August 29, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Lord Leigh Park and Stagger Lee have spent the summer buying new tunes, sharpening their flickknives and trying out a range of pomades and finally they’re ready for you.

The Big Ten Inch is back and it’s going to rock. You know the drill by now – every flavour of billy and blues, where Little Richard rubs up against Hank Williams, The Collins Kids jostle with Screaming Jay Hawkins and Eddie Cochran gets Hazil Adkins in a headlock.

Join them on September 16th at the Telegraph on Forth St.
Doors 8.30pm – £3 all night


Another Ten Inches

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“See him race his motorcycle. Feel him shake, rattle and roll. Touch him—Golden Boy. A million teenyboppers crawling up his pants.”

The Big Ten Inch is back…

The dust has settled, the engines have cooled, we’ve wiped the oil on our jeans and we’re ready to do it all over again. Lord Leigh Park and Stagger Lee Fisher are bringing the dirtiest rhythm & blues, the rawest rock’n’roll and the reverbiest rockabilly to Tyneside for a second time.

Expect everything from Gene Vincent to George Jones, Wynonie Harris to Wanda Jackson, Andre Williams to Arthur Crudup.

And this time it’s on a Friday..

Join them on May 20th at the Telegraph on Forth St.
Doors 8.30pm – £3 all night

““Elvis may have been the king of rock’n’roll, but I am the queen.”
Little Richard

The First Big Ten Inch

•February 8, 2011 • Leave a Comment

So  it occurred to Mr Stagger Lee and Lord Leigh Park that the one thing their fair city was missing was a proper shitkickin’ rockabilly night. Think Joe Tex not Buddy Holly, Billy Lee Riley not The Big Bopper. Greasy, dirty, downright filthy rockabilly and rhythm & blues. Gutbucket bass, too much reverb and a good pomade (Stagger Lee uses and endorses Royal Crown).

The first Big Ten Inch is on March 16th at The Telegraph. 8.30-1am. like the back of the jacket says.

And if you were wondering about the name…